Premium Miso with Matured Umami and Gorgeous Fragrance
A red miso made of Hokkaido-grown soybeans. Before the fermentation process, the skin of the soybeans are carefully removed. The light color of the miso changes into a red shade as the fermentation proceeds. Adding extra koji makes the flavor of the soybeans and rice come out more, giving the miso a deep and gorgeous fragrant. The taste of fruitiness will burst in your mouth, with a lingering aftertaste and fresh aroma. The small batch brewing process helps the miso to age sufficiently so that it has a full-bodied taste with well-balanced sweetness and umami for you to enjoy. Proud winner of the Japan Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Award of the 63rd Japan Miso Competition. Only available until 2025. Great for miso soup. Try it as a veggie dip, too!
  • Rich aroma blooming in your mouth!
  • Hurry! Only available for a limited time!