Rich and Aromatic Cheese Created by the Power of Liquid Shio Koji (salted rice malt)
Instead of using rennet (coagulant enzyme), which is generally used to curdle raw milk in cheese making, this fresh-tasting cheese is made with the power of Liquid Shio Koji (salted rice malt) to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients. Shio Koji Cheese was born after numerous experimentations with our partner, Chichibu Yamanami Cheese Factory. The umami and unique aroma are brought out by the power of enzymes contained in the Liquid Shio Koji while going through 90 days of slow and careful aging. It has a mild, savory taste originated from Liquid Shio Koji with a moist texture similar to hard/semi-hard type cheese. A feast for your palate with a rich, full-bodied flavor and a gorgeous aroma.
How to Enjoy
Even a small amount will satisfy your craving. Cut it into small pieces and enjoy it bit by bit as a table cheese. It goes best with sake and wine, too! Since it is designed to be at its best immediately after shipping, please enjoy it as soon as possible.
The rind is also edible with a strong aroma and firm texture. With or without the rind, the flavor is sure to burst in your mouth!
Food Pairing Ideas
・Add a finishing touch to your meat/fish dish or pasta.
・Dress your Japanese dishes to match with other fermented food like soy sauce and miso.
・Great for dessert, too! The fresh sourness pairs well with fruits and/or whipped cream.