Original Shichimi Spice Mix with Aged Koji Powder for Rich Flavor
A rich-flavored original spice mix containing aged koji powder (manufacturing patent pending) which is a flavor enhancer made from rice koji. “Shichimi Togarashi”-a classic favorite from Yawataya Isogoro founded in 1736-is used as a base ingredient of the spice mix to boost tastiness of miso dishes.

We added the seventh flavor, aged koji powder, to the blend of hot chili pepper, sansho (Japanese pepper) and ginger with their aromatic spiciness, and the rich-flavored hemp seeds, white sesame, and shiso, to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients and for mellow palate.

You can improve your dishes by adding the spice which deepens the flavor with a pleasant, prolonging aftertaste of umami, richness, and spiciness.
We hope you enjoy it as an accompaniment to a wide range of dishes.
How to Enjoy
Sprinkle your desired amount on Japanese, Western, Chinese, or any other style of cuisine. Even a small amount will give the dish a deep and broad taste. Its robust spiciness will enhance the flavor of all kinds of dishes, from warm soups to cold dishes. Enjoy a variety of combinations, from standard Japanese dishes to delightful sweets.
Spice Up your Dishes!
・Goes well with all kinds of miso dishes from miso soup to miso dip.
・Add a little more spice to your curry and mapo tofu.
・Sprinkle on some spiciness to your rich, creamy desserts like chocolate ice cream and gateau chocolates.
・Mix some in your soup, coffee, or hot chocolate to add a spicy accent.