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Asset 56
Please Your Body with Candy! Savor the Umami and Perfect Sweetness of Shio Koji
HANAMARUKI’s all-time favorite, Shio Koji (a traditional Japanese condiment), made into a silky smooth paste and blended in a candy mixture for you to enjoy!

Pop one in your mouth and feel the gentle sweetness with a dash of mild saltiness spread onto your tongue. Our rich-flavored candy lets you experience the deep, everlasting sweet flavor of Shio Koji.

These tasty delicacies are made in a kettle over direct fire by a candy artisan in Kyoto. The beautiful, milky-white candies are a result of the craftsman’s delicate work, which brings out the rich, full-bodied Umami flavor of Shio Koji.

As you roll the candy on your tongue, you can taste the flavor become deeper and richer, making it hard to resist reaching for more!
Recommended Product
The best way to prevent heatstroke during summer!
Ideal for a light snack.
You will surly fall in love with the perfect balance of sweetness and saltiness.