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Asset 57
Rich and Creamy Custard Pudding with a Lingering Sweet and Salty Flavor
We are proud to present a new type of Japanese custard pudding dessert, Shio Koji Custard Pudding. We added our Liquid Shio Koji (a Japanese traditional condiment) to the famous Omotenashi Custard Pudding manufactured in Nagano Prefecture.
A brand new flavor was born by using Liquid Shio Koji, which is normally used for associated with savory dishes, for making this sweet new delight that brings the best out of the ingredients.

We strived for the perfect balance by blending the unique taste of three different kinds of Liquid Shio Koji with the silky pudding, making a new product that practically melts in your mouth --made with carefully selected ingredients such as local branded milk and eggs.

Keeping the charms of the sweet and rich flavor of Omotenashi Custard Pudding intact, adding a hint of saltiness and a deep complex flavor that lingers on your palate, will be making you crave for more!

You can further enjoy the pudding by mixing it with the Shio Koji flavored caramel sauce in the bottom layer, adding another dimension of complex and rich flavor.

We hope you enjoy the delicious collaboration of Shio Koji and sweets!!
Recommended Product
Great as a gift!
A guilt-free(?) appealing delight with a rich Umami flavor of Shio Koji.
For sweet & salty lovers across the world!