A Full-Bodied Umami Flavor and Rich Fragrance of Natural, Aged Brewing
For a full, mature taste, the miso is left to mature in a natural environment without artificial temperature control. This natural brewed miso is born in Shinshu, at the base of the Japanese Alps. It takes a lot more time, almost a year, than the standard miso to make this special miso. The maturing process can be very slow with the koji and yeast working their way, fully demonstrating their power. This leads to a beautiful harmony of a full bodied, complex flavor. The saltiness is to keep the quality of the miso for its long process to age, which creates a strong, stunning flavor with a rich, satisfying taste. It goes well with Tonjiru (a healthy, pork and vegetable miso soup), a popular dish in Japan.
  • Try the addictive taste and fragrance of aged miso.
  • Feel the beauty of nature through the deep dark color.